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Robert Wendrich


Robert E. Wendrich was born in Meppel, the Netherlands on June 9th, 1955. His father was in sales for the famous Dutch textile weaving company ‘De Ploeg’, his mother was at home being a Mom for the family.

He studied architectural design at the Poly-Technical Institute and later on Industrial Product Design at the Academy for Industrial Design Eindhoven. He graduated in 1983 and moved in the same year to Montréal, Canada to work for various multi-national companies as an Industrial Designer.

In 1985 he established his own design office Möbius Design.

In 1992 he moved back to the Netherlands to work for a Dutch design and production company and established in 1995 his own company Intesa Design Inc.

Besides running his design practice, he was design teacher at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague, the Netherlands until 2001.

Since 2003 he works as assistant-professor and researcher in Industrial Product Design at the University of Twente, the Netherlands. He still has his own consulting and design company RWD/xziid and works with various clients in high-end technology projects.

Robert lives with his partner Charlot in Breukelen [Brooklyn], the Netherlands and has two children Serena and Peter Marco. Throughout his career, thus far, he has won a number of design awards or citations and designed several hundred products some of them successful, others landed on the junkyard. He enjoys sports, fusion cooking, playing piano, singing and listening to music. Occasionally you can find him at R&R concerts.